Unemployment Rates for African Americans and Hispanics are Significantly Higher than for Whites and Asians


The picture shows unemployed men outside a soup kitchen in Depression-era Chicago in 1931, with the unemployment trend going strong.  Today, the unemployment numbers recently released by the US Department of Labor indicate that the current unemployment trend is still strong, and that long-term unemployment is still a mayor problem. 16.2% of African Americans, and 11.9% of the Hispanics are unemployed, vs, 8% for Whites and 7% for Asians.

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An Algorithm To Lose Weight?

Algorithm to lose weight

Finally, after all the diet programs I tried failed, I knew I had to find a different way. As if I needed more motivation, I suddenly remembered something: over the course of my career at investment banks and hedge funds, three of my colleagues (two younger and one older, none of them fat) had died of sudden heart attacks while at work.

Did you know that top tier investment banks have defibrillators on every trading floor? That was a brutal shock, my subconscious mind letting me know I had better do something.

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Wall Street Story: From Fat Quant to Fit Nerd, Part 1


I love America. It’s my adopted homeland, and I have lived here more than half my life in a great city, in a great country. I went through a lot to earn my citizenship, and every day I feel lucky that I did.

It is because of this that I can say: our nation is headed in the wrong direction in many areas: health, social issues, foreign policy, to name a few broad areas.

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